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Biological Conservation & Inventory

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For more information on biological inventory services, project design, or quotes please contact:


Steven Boyle, Principal & Senior Biologist

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BIO-Logic, Inc. uses cutting-edge technology for custom data collection, mapping, analysis, and reporting to fit your needs and budget. We perform vegetation, weed, and wildlife inventories in urban, rural, mountain, and extremely remote settings.


Biological Conservation & Inventory


We provide a full range of biological and ecological field inventories for wildlife, plants, forest and range resources, and special habitats. BIO-Logic, Inc. holds permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for field surveys of various federally listed wildlife species. Our staff biologists are experienced and trained in appropriate methodologies for inventorying federally listed wildlife and plants and other sensitive wildlife and plant species including Mexican spotted owl, southwestern willow flycatcher, bald eagle, sage-grouse, and raptors. Recent examples have included numerous species surveys for utility corridors, land exchanges, reservoir and irrigation projects, and recreational trail construction.


We inventory and map special ecological and habitat features such as riparian areas, wetlands, aquatic habitats, and special forest types. We provide data collection and characterization of forest and range resources using specialized methodologies to document a wide range of structural and ecological characteristics.


We use Trimble mapping grade GPS and other electronic technologies to precisely locate biological resources in the field and record attribute data. We differentially correct GPS data to achieve sub-meter accuracy, and import spatial and attribute data into GIS and other applications for analysis and reporting.


We perform regional and local conservation planning for public agencies, private landowners, and other conservation concerns. These include conservation assessments and strategies for species or ecosystems of concern, covering areas as large as multi-state regions or as small as an individual ranch. Recent examples have included a Colorado Sagebrush: A Conservation Assessment and Strategy, Regional Species Conservation Assessments for the U.S. Forest Service, Management Indicator Species Evaluations for National Forests, and wildlife management plans for large planned developments.


USFS Species Conservation Project conservation assessments:

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